Sexiest uniform/casual costume on women?

Nurse? Police? Spy/Secret Agent? Military? Cowgirl? Princess? Angel? Schoolgirl? Teacher? Secretary? rofl

Most of my favorite heroes are heroines. I love a girl that can fight. I'm not sure what kind of uniform/costume I find sexiest, but an uncommon like I have is women in medieval armor! lol Just something I felt like sharing.
I'm mostly for cute and feminine looks by far, but fighters and athletes are super hot as well. (Not buff, just super strong.)

Anyway, what kind of uniform or casual,(as in not for sex), costume do you find hottest on women? Feel free to share an example pic you find and love!


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  • I don't know. I don't think I have such a strong preference towards costumes and never really understood the appeal of cosplay that much.

    That said, maybe some sporty outfits like cheerleader is nice. I like the outfits the girls wear at Hooters with the shorts and the tight little shirts and tennis shoes.

    Also I like it when girls wear boots that go all the way up to their thighs. Maybe that doesn't exactly count as a costume though. I just like how it complements their figure.

    I guess I'll go with cheerleader or Hooters girls for lack of a better idea.

    • >> [...] but an uncommon like I have is women in medieval armor!

      This part is interesting. I find the same appealing but I'm not sure if I'd call it "sexy" or "hot". I just think it looks very striking and attractive.

    • Ah, cheerleader is a good one too. I'm also not much for costumes. Lots are really cool or pretty, but very rarely sexy.
      One super casual thing I always love on women is glasses. lol 😉

      Ya, armor is more awesome than sexy. It can be both sometimes, though. 😊

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  • Teacher
    Air hostess
    Business woman

    • Hmm. Air hostess is an interesting one. 🙂
      What kind of business woman? Example pic?

  • fox fur suit

  • Police, Military, teacher and Secretary

  • police pointing gun at me


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