Girls, have you epilated your legs and armpits?

I generally use the epilator device which branded Braun silk epil 7 skin-perfect model, it makes my skin super smooth, plus it doesn't let hairs to grow up for a long time. However, the best quality of device, there are some ingrown hairs occur whenever I epilate my legs. Have you used epilators to provide smoothness on your les and armpits? Are they really useful for you?


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  • I tried it for a few months and hated it. It was ridiculously painful (I found waxing painful too though) so stopped after the third or fourth go and threw it out

    • Ohh which brand have you used? I think, it literally depends on the brand.

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    • Ohhh your brand is perfect and the last one of braun series :) have you done laser entirely?

    • Yup, I go back every six months for a touch up

  • I epilate, my epilator is water proof and the key is to use on warm legs so I do it in the bath

    • Owwww does it pain less when you epilate under the water during bath?

    • Yes it's better because you folicals are relaxed.

  • I did laser hair removal for my legs


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