That moment you realize u are ugly?

I think I've been living this illusion that im kinda hot.
people would tell me i have something special, irl i dont have any problems interacting with girls (hell i even have some random girls approaching me or just staring and giggling)

But one of my friends would always say im either ugly or have a funny looking face
And i just happened to look at myself in the car few minutes ago, and gosh im ugly

My confidence is kinda shattered, as im still looking for answers as to why those things above happened. I mean i had the hottest girl in our year "obsess" over me... I dont get it. Only reasonable answer is; I've been living in this illusion of being hot...
Now i just needed to vent, and needed some help. Cause srsly, i have been looking for a female companion lately and this way ofc it ain't working...


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  • I always lived the opposite illusion. that I was ugly as all hell. turns out, I'm actually sexy as fuck! jk

    • Thats where i came from
      Turns out i wqs right all this time

  • Don't feel bad for yourself. Men are not valued on looks nearly as much as women.

    • Maybe it was my personality after all...
      Still hurts tho

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