Are blondes naturally attracted to other blondes? I'm a Blonde male with blue eyes and I am extremely attracted to girls with blonde hair blue eyes?

I dont know what it is but I think it's the light colors that I love the blue eyes with the light bright blonde hair just draws attention directly towards their eyes. One of the most attractive things I find about a girl with blonde hair blue eyes IS THOSE EYES! HOW THEY GLISTEN LIKE THE CRYSTAL CLEAR WATERS OF THE BAHAMAS AND REFLECT THE SUN AND EVERYTHING!
  • YES. It IS TRUE.
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  • NO. I Dont think so.
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  • Im a blonde and I AM attracted to other blondes.
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  • I am NOT a blonde and I AM attracted to blondes.
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  • I am a blonde and I am NOT attracted ro Blondes.
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  • Post opinion below why this could be.
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  • Really? I have been told the opposite so many times! This is making me realize that it has nothing to do with it


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  • I don't know but I'm a white dark haired dude and fucking love blondes!


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  • It's possible that people are attracted to others that look like themselves, or people they care about.

    If you have a good self esteem, then that might be why you are attracted to blondes.

  • I've seen it more that people are attracted t their opposites. I'm blonde with blue eyes but I don't like blonde hair or blue eyes on other people, I prefer dark hair and dark eyes.


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