How to dress for a curvier girl?

I've a bigger girl and decided I need a makeover with clothes and makeup. The one place I want to look smaller is my waist and stomach. Do you know of any dresses and clothes that would help with that and make me look curvier. My hair is medium length and curly. I have big brown eyes. How could I play up those two features more.



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  • Avoid anything that will draw attention to the parts you don't want to show off. Instead, you might want to try a V-cut top with a wider lower part for example. If you have thin legs or nice feet you might want to show that off with a tighter pair of pants or an unusual pair of shoes. For the face I would say, go for either the eyes or the mouth as the focus. You choose what part you think is your better, and you adjust your make-up to draw attention to it. Avoid intense eyes and bright lipstick! Good luck!

  • I am so proud of you for not being one of those stupid girls who starves themselves! I love curvy girls. Any how, I think you should wear a top that has a belt in the front. They suck your waist in and make your curves say HELLO!