Do you like EMO and Pastel Goths?

That's a different kind of fashion as I see. I don't like it much, I mean I don't wanna become an Emo. What are your feelings regarding these?


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  • Girls can pull both. Guys i want them goth but not pastel goth. I dated a goth guy he was hot but then he didn't want to dress up anymore and he was so ugly

    • Are goth fans good? I mean aren't they evil?

    • There so sweet well i mean mine was sensitive and had the most beautiful heart. He just looked really mean and scary 😩❤️

    • Okay, the fashion is okay when it comes to the dresses. But, why do they change their hair and their faces and make themselves look scary?

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  • nope. gross

    • I don't wanna date an emo chick. They maybe good people, but I don't want to.

    • agreed... too dark inside their heads

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  • I do like it but to an extent. certain styles such as nu goth are very attractive in my opinion.

    • Yep, the fashion may look attractive. I too like black clothes. But, ain't those people look scary? Why don't they just wear the fashion and keep their natural face and hair?

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    • I heard that they are more often ignored at school

    • they can be, yes. I consider myself more nu goth and people tend to ignore me. but I feel like it all depends on the person, and how many people are willing to be friends with them just like every other person.

  • I like the goth fashion

  • None of it bothers me. some of my friends wear emo so it really doesn't bother me.


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