How healthy is homemade popcorn?

Homemade popcorn, that the only thing added to it is original ballpark style popcorn salt, Orangish yellow salt.. I don't pour a lot of it, just I guess would be considered an average amount of salt on. Obviously its not as healthy as plain popcorn, but is it healthier than buttered popcorn?

These are the ingredients it says on the jar looking thing the salt is in. Salt, maltodextrin, Natural Butter flavor, Annatto and turmeric (for color), conatins milk* modified food starch, FD&C Yellow # 5, FD&C Yellow #6, Natural and Artificial flavor
Tricalcium, phosphate added as anticaking agent, contains no trans-fatty acids


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  • According to the first link below, there are no calories in one serving of the salt (1/4 tsp), but like any salt there's a decent amount of sodium. Depending on the brand, there's about 30 calories per 1 cup of popcorn, so if you eat 2 cups, no butter, that's a pretty darn good snack. About the only thing is you want to watch the salt, especially if you have any cholesterol issues.

    For the salt's Nutrition Facts: link

    For more info on popcorn in general check out this site: link

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      I found that if I put the popcorn into a strainer, then while I am leaning over the trashcan, pour the salt. Then toss the popcorn so the salt is distributed throught the bowl full. and all the excess salt falls into the trash. It leaves with the popcorn still having the taste of the salt, but not as much as in a regular bowl, and obviously more than plain popcorn. xD

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  • Well never know what's in that salt to make it yellow... so I'd just use plain old popcorn salt. Its small so it will evenly distribute but still basically the same as the stuff you're using. You're right in that its better for you than buttered popcorn. Butter contains saturated fats. These react in your blood to form very dense cholesterols that clog your arteries and veins. In addition, fat contains 9 times as much energy per gram as regular carbs do. That's the stuff that women always say goes straight to their hips. Of course you do have to remember that salt in just about any quantity is bad. Sodium raises your blood pressure so you'll have to watch for that. Overall, not a bad choice. Better than what I'm eating.

  • Regular unsalted unbuttered popcorn is extremely healthy and contains little calories but good fiber and calories come mainly from carbs. If you add what you're adding it's still not really bad, but it does raise sodium levels and there are some dyes in it