Fear of sharing personal issues?

If you have a fear how do you conquer it?

I know that if you are afraid of heights you go higher.. So that you can see that everything is alright..

But what if your fear is something totally different, What if you have a fear of sharing your personal issues... Even with very close friends, or even family?

How do you learn how to share, when every-time you talk about something; it either goes from good to bad.. bad to worse?

take for example relationships... How should you talk about the certain person you like, if you are afraid that if you will it'll all go terribly wrong?

I'm so scared of putting my feelings out there and watching them crumble..

So I ask everyone, do you have a similar fear? Or do you know how to conquer it? Is this just me?

This itself scares me... putting my feelings out like this... so please if anyone can help me get over it. It hard living life constantly afraid..


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  • Yes, I do have similar fear but the way I need to conquer it is to talk it with someone else.


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