How to deal with black heads, spots and dead skin on face?

It been so long i have dead skin, spots and blackheads.. i'm really so pissed off.. i believe it because puberty.. but wtf it really piss me off.. i feel so bad and i feel like people don't want me to be in a same room with me because of my spots etc.. Why can't i just have a smooth face? 😩😩😩


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  • People are not noticing your spots. Believe me, and if they are they are shallow and are superficial. Just think about it why should they wonder about a tiny bump on YOUR skin, it has nothing to do with them... and try Proactive. That works.

    • its not tinny that's the thing 😢😢 i feel lonely these last 4+ years.. i just want a girlfriend to kiss her and she kiss me.. I won't lie to you.. My first love girls i been with her i never kissed her although i been with her 1 year almost year.. i believe she felt disgusting.. but i loved her i couldn't leave her and she didn't want to hurt me i believe.. 😭😭😭 urghh i just want to cry till i die.. :(

  • Try a detox mask one with charcoal I use one called cackle spackle its amazing.

    • is it really that good? i mean i have kinda big blackheads not like other people, would it remove it?

    • yes! its really amazing!!

    • go to https:/

      /itsposhyall. po. sh/cackle-spackle-detoxifying-face-mask

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  • Never tried it but apparently charcoal masks work well. Do some research first though

    • i tried it but it doesn't do a lot, for my skin type this product is shit

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