How long can I survive in Boston wearing thermals every day?

I'm a wimp so I've been wearing long johns under my clothes every day since like November and this guy at my college was making fun of me and bet me $10 per day that I won't be wearing them in April.

I really want to milk this bet (I could use some cash!), how long do you think I can go? It's my first spring in Boston!


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  • If you keep wearing thermals just to win some kind of bet then you risk overheating once the temperatures come up. That could put you at risk of passing out. Not only that, the chances are that you will sweat and then you will start to smell. I'm not sure it's worth it for $10 per day.

    • I'm not a sweaty person by nature, and it is literally 35F here (3C)... so I think it's possible I milk this for a while. I'm also competitive so I like winning bets especially someone who was making fun of me lol...

    • If it's still cold enough then yes, go for it. Oh, and you do sweat, your friend told me. Can't say which friend... :P

      (I'm making this up, I'm bored)

    • how long did you stand it?

  • This should be no problem. April isn't that hot.
    I live in Austria / Europe, and I wear long underwear year-round... and it get's up to 100F in August. Just drink enough and you will stand it easily.

    Maybe you can extend your bet to wear it all May for $20 per day?


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