How does physical attraction differ between genders?

There have been multiple studies showing what people on average consider to be the ideal male/female physical appearance and there is always a stark difference between the men's and the women's answers.
Now when I scroll through GaG and come across "Which girl is more attractive?" questions, most of the time I notice that the guys and the girls have totally opposing opinions and the reason behind it isn't always obvious (for example when the given options are on the same level of attractiveness).

What do you think are the physical qualities that make a man vote for one woman as more attractive and women to vote for another?
Ok I think some people misunderstood my question. Given two equally attractive options (let's say they're female for this example) the men will find one woman more attractive and the women will find the other more attractive for no obvious reason. Why is this? (Mostly concerning the face, not the body)


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  • I don't know. I think it applies for males too. For example, I think Clint Eastwood is a very good-looking guy:

    I don't mean that in the sense that I'm attracted to him since I'm heterosexual, but more like I want to be like him. He represents a very masculine and rugged image to me.

    A lot of girls I know don't agree with me at all and don't seem to find him attractive. I guess my idea of an ideal character and appearance for a guy isn't the same as what they're attracted towards.

    • Sometimes I think girls are paying closer attention to little details that guys overlook. For example, I had this female friend before who kept saying Anne Hathaway was ugly. I was like, "Uhh, what?" She was never my number one celebrity idol but I definitely think she's pretty. Then she pointed out things like that her mouth was too big and eyes were too close together, etc. I never paid that close attention. I just see her and think she's cute and pretty.

      I think girls are used to paying more attention to these things perhaps since they spend a lot of time working on their faces in the mirror with cosmetics and so forth. I don't think guys are typically as discerning about the exact facial proportions of a female and things of this sort.

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    • I started to change and expand the types of girls I found included [/attractive] (faces included).

    • Nowadays when I look at celebrity faces, I think when I find them especially attractive, I see little traces and remnants of past lovers that I found deeply attractive or my wife who I still do. I'm not saying they all looked like superstars, mind you, but there are traces of them I see in all the celebrities I really like.

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  • yea I noticed that as well
    sometimes I d be like guys have bad taste, what s wrong with them XD
    but in the end I think it s more in the facial expression and body language in the pic.
    women focus on features and all, guys look if the girl is inviting or not
    but that s just a quick analysis so dunno

    • I think you're like the first person to understand my question lol

    • haha good ^^

    • by the way OP, I am still curious as to why you find me "unconventionally" attractive.
      is it because of my round face?

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  • I don't know, maybe men's answers are skewed by sexual attraction while girls answers are purely based on aesthetics and symetry since they aren't sexually arroused by other women.

  • like on those questions on which girl is prettier, women only go off of what they think is objectively pretty but they don't really know what attractive is, big difference.

  • Women's attraction does not lie in the face only. Most of her attraction lies in her waist. A women with a figure of 36-24-36 is considered as the most sought after girl. Only 8% of the girls in America have hour glass proportions. Among them , the girl who measures 36-24-6 is considered the most beautiful. Although another group of men say that the ideal waist should be 26.50 inches. So this girl needs to have a figure of 39.5--26.5--39.5. Less than 5% of the girls in America will have one of these 2 hourglass figures or in-between.------Both women and men accept this measure as most attractive.

  • Most guys have terrible taste. This will probably get me many downvotes, but it's the truth. On those question, they almost always go for the trashy/cheap looking one.

    Now, since this question isn't really about that and more about the face... I don't know. I guess it's about the facial features or maybe the facial expression? I think guys look at it as a whole while girls look more on the details. I've had recently a couple of times where I thought that someone has a very pretty face but then one girl said "she has ugly skin", "no jaw definition", "the nose isn't straight", bla bla. and I'm like... well, yeah maybe but everything fits well together, she looks charismatic, etc.

    • or we look for different things.. like a guy might be more attracted by innocent/cute looking faces than girls, because they look for youthful looking partners, someone they can protect, etc. while the girls are annoyed by it because they don't wanna be cute, they think people don't see them as mature or they can't be seen as sexy.

      shit like that

    • Really? On the polls I always noticed that girls prefer the "faker" looking girls and guys vote for the more natural looking ones. I don't really pay attention to small details when I vote. I just click which one I find more attractive upon first sight and it usually matches up with the other girls' answers

  • I go by face and then by personality

  • Are the girls guessing which is more attractive to men, or more attractive to themselves?

    I think men and women have misconceptions about what's most important to the opposite gender (big boobs/dick size).

    In general you can be sure that most people are attracted to opposite traits (femininty/masculinity) and good health.

    • They're choosing which one is more attractive for themselves. I've seen a ton of questions where someone will post a headshot of 2 different girls and aaalll the guys will think girl A is more attractive and aaaalll the girls will think girl B is more attractive. And the biggest difference between the two will be like hair color or something.

    • Opposite gender is sexual attraction, same gender is more of an aspirational thing, in my opinion.

      Don't know if there are specific traits, cause that's very subjective

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  • I look at the face only.
    I feel the guys notice the body and cleavage and other parts of the body while picking the most attractive which makes sense after all.

  • Facial symmetry


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