Prom questions help!!!

I have a silver prom dress all silver no other colors or gems on it ... What color shoes and or accessories should I wear with it ... THANKS MUCH ..

its a long silk type dress that has a deep V neck front and a V neck back it don't have sleeves it kinda goes around the neck , silver string ties the straps together . lol I'm trying to describe it ...


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  • is it a tube top dress? how long is it?please detail ur dress...

    if you want to flaunt ur legs, you don't need stockings. wear animal printed stilettos to add jazz to the plain silver dress...

    if ur hairs up, layer on the chunky silver/black necklaces...if its a tube top...

    if ur hairs down, you can still wear the necklaces

    for ur hair you can wear a nice beaded headband or sumthing with a bow...

    i cannot elaborate more if I don't know the rest of the deets of ur dress. ayt? hope I can help


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  • Black shoes for sure! Plus you can wear them with ANYTHING, not just at prom!

  • Black would go good.

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