Why don't short male celebs increase their heights by surgey operations?


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  • Probably because these operations are costly, take a long time, have a long recovery time and if they go wrong the damage is catastrophic. I honestly don't know why anyone would take one of these operations as it is purely cosmetic. I have looked at all the shit you have to go through for these as I was thinking of getting a similar thing (for a medical reasons as the bones in my leg are kinda twisted which could cause problems in the future) but my doctor told me it probably was not worth it due to all the shit that comes along with it.

    • How tall are you?

    • Im 196cm at the moment (like 6'5" ?)

    • The operation I was needing was similar in the way they cut the leg open, remove the bone and replace it with other bone only in the lengthening case they would add in a longer one where as in mine they would just put in a straighter one (to put it as basic as it can possibly be)

  • They don't need it. Short male actors can get along just fine with camera tricks and special effects. Case in point: Tom Cruise.

    • Tom Cruise is not short he is average.. I mean like Daniel Radcliffe - Seth Green - Nicolas Sarkozy and many others who are under 5'6 ..

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    • Yes but he can look tall in pictures and even if you look at 5'7 guy in public he looks a good height and not that short.

      5'7 looks normal.
      5'6 and under obviously short.

    • by the way.. how tall are you?

  • they're celebs lol.


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