Are HF models more likely to be single?

Opposed to bikini models and commercial models, the classic beauties and those u seen modelling for Victorias Secret, there is still this "elite" group of models called the HF models

These are the models walking for the big brands during the infamous fashion weeks, and these aren't really classic beauties, rather more unique looking beauties...

Are HF models more likely to be single?
Are HF models more likely to be single?
Are HF models more likely to be single?Are HF models more likely to be single?

just to list a few. Now the difference here is, i know most females will say they are gorgeous etc... But most men i know generally dont find that beautiful nor attractive... They tend to think theyre very weird looking or just ugly. Which leaves me the question; do u think its harder for these models to find a guy? Cause in this list, as far as i know, only 1 dates and has a kid. The rest is still single, could be by choice, but still...


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  • How are those ugly or weird-looking? Lol. Are those men blind or something? SMH to your ridiculous standards

    • Did i say i find them ugly?
      wouldn't lie if i said i crush on the first 3. a lot of other men wouldn't... I expected girls to say they would think theyre gorgeous

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  • Yeah, elite HF models cry themselves to sleep nightly.

    Look, most of them are probably single but not because they're not hit on. They're hit on CONSTANTLY by rich guys and stars. However most of them travel constantly as well. It's not an easy lifestyle for relationships.

    • I know
      And i read the tragic stories of girls being abused or hit on by rich men
      But dont u think they seek love to? I mean, it dont mean shit being regarded as gorgeous if u dont have anyone to love or give u love

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    • There is no option but rich men? Lol. Nobody is -stuck- with Rich men.

      I find the third and fourth girl here hot as fuck. Especially 3rd

    • Well, they are not stuck. But rich men are prolly the most dominant type of people in their world. Thos e can be rich business men, or celebrities
      U dont see no average joes walking in to their afterparties.

      I think all are very hot and attracting

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  • Could be by choice because they have money. I have no doubt if they're single it's by choice I or it could be the environment

    • Yes could be by choice
      Do u think these girls are attractive?

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    • Or not of

    • Nah i dont think so, i think thats incorrect
      Most of these girls already have flawless skin
      I think most "normal" girls apply make up in order to accent the features these girls have and they dont...

  • They are probably just having a lot of casual sex instead of pursuing anything long-term.

    • Thats what one might think to
      And knowing how dirty the model industry is, it wouldn't be too far fetched

      But lets stick to the initial question

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    • It's not fear, its just less attractive.

    • Nah people fear height. Men associate height with power and dominance as do most people
      And most men wouldn't like it when women are taller than them

      And society plays a role to

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