Back-up Prom attire help?

So long story short I've been threw high school already I know what people where to prom. Well my friend in Colorado asked me to prom and I happened to already be up there visiting family so I accepted. The problem is I can't rent a tux here and fly with it and the time I get there it's too short notice to find one. Personally I don't really give a fuck what I wear but I do wanna look nice for her since it's her last one. It's there anything nicer than khakis I could wear? The shirt I got down but I'll take suggestions for that to.


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  • This may be a long shot, but would there be time for you to maybe check out a nearby thrift store if you can find one? I've never looked for men's clothing, but I find that places like Goodwill usually have prom dresses, so I would think that they might have tuxes and suits as well.

    • I'm might see if my local store will let me rent one that long. If I go I wanna make sure I look good for her. I already had my time this is her last year.

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  • sorry can't help u


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