What do guys look for in a girl? Do guys care a lot about how a girl looks?

I have a friend who very pretty and tons of guys like her but they say she is annoying but at the same time they flirt with her. I talked to all of them and they hate her but think she is hot. I know most guys only care about looks but do some guys like a girl for who she is? Some people I noticed change their look to look like her and guys are talking to then more it just kinda gets me confused


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  • There is a difference between trying to get laid, and trying to talk to a girl based on the fact that she is a possible girlfriend.

    I can put up with a girl's horrible personality for a night, if she is hot enough, and there is a chance I might get laid.

    But honestly, I would not put up with her for long. Even if she was amazing in bed. Truthfully I would put up with her for awhile, but I would despise every minute we weren't having sex.

    I have to be attracted to a girl in order for me to date her. I don't know about anyone else, but I doubt they would want to be with someone they found them so ugly they couldn't look at them.

    As long as she was nice, reasonably attractive, and trustworthy, I would date her. :)


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  • Those are the guys you don't want. If you notice they go for girls because they look like her and they want her for her looks, then what benefit comes from dating a guy like that if he wouldn't want you for you?

    I think you should be proud that you're your own person :)