Is there a face shape treatment? for face like this?

Is there any treatment that could fix this guy face shape from side? his face shape goes like " ( " and mine is the same but i think is a lot worse i never realised it until now when im 18. Is there a treatment (surgery) for it? if yes how much would it cost you think? please help!! Is there a face shape treatment? for face like this??


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  • Maybe plastic surgery? Im not sure how much it costs but I know it costs a lot. Hundreds or maybe thousands. This is the only surgery I can think of, sorry 😁

    • Yeah i just watched video on YouTube a doctor doing plastic surgery on face to shape it 😕 looks so disgusting but yeah 😕 i should do it because this kinda of faces i have, they look good from front but from side looks like this " ( " mine even worse 😩 i don't know fuck the money if my faces looks good then fuck the money i can save, im still young no taxes i have to pay nothing

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    • Still sorry I couldnt think of any surgeries but im glad this helped. 😊

    • Thank you ))

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