Any good skincare tips for acne prone skin?

Anything y'all use that you swear by? Maybe a good skincare product or even just a ritual? My skin is kinda suffering at the moment and I know different things work for different skin types but I still really appreciate it!


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  • Turn down the temperature of your showers/baths just a bit, and invest in a body scrub. If you have sensitive skin however, make sure to don't scrub too hard. You can even make your own cheap scrub with nothing but honey and grated orange.


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  • Remove your makeup before you go to sleep. Avoid butter or mayo. I used the neutrogena pink grapefruit moisturizer and cleanser.

    • I've noticed that whenever I eat anything with butter, my cheeks break out! Thanks for the tip!

    • No problem and good luck!! 😊

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