Tattoos, hot or not?

on either girls or guys. any parts of the body better than others? personally I find it attractive on a girl but can't stand big chest pieces.


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  • Hot just as long as it's a good tattoo and not of something stupid.


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  • Generally I don't think so, but there was a very, very rare case one time where I thought the tattoo on a girl actually complimented her body in the most flattering way.

    She often wore a black dress, low cut in the back, and had this tattoo on her back which was very eye-catching. She also had an "elegant" look with her black hair tied up and a long neck, slim shoulders.

    The tattoo made her really stand out in a way where you'd notice her back, neck, shoulders. She was the owner of a night club I went to and it was hard to take your eyes off her even with many other girls in there.

    In that one case, I really think the tattoo made her sexier and it actually looked elegant and classy in some strange way.


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  • Not. I can handle very small ones, but they are never "attractive" to me.

  • Not to me.


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