Which style do you prefer?

OK ignore the people in the picture just look at the clothing style which to you prefer

Style A: Preppy



Style B: Rock



if you could tell me your favorite and opinion of each

and if you don't like either show me an alternative


Most Helpful Girl

  • I didn't like the rock... I really like preppy styles.But more like this: link or this: link I LOVE Zac Efron's look. The preppy clothing style is great, just not the colors, especially the second one you have. That makes you look gay. Nothing wrong with being gay, of course, but strait guys shouldn't wear those colors.

    • Aha, the guys in the first link are so hott... I put it because of the hair. And hey, look at that, my links work, for once!

    • Haha yea the second one is gay just trying to see who would actually like that

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What Girls Said 3

  • 1st link I likes the jeans and the shoes but the sweater looked too old or too girly

    2nd link the style looked like a strawberry

    3rd it was cool if your not very expressive

    4th too many crosses

    I like guys who dress in American Eagle or Fitch. Or styles that aren't bright colours just casual or smart. like this - link

    but don't get the pants in this (:

    just my opinion though you shouldnt dress for other people you should be doing this for yourself no matter how unique your style is... it is YOUR style.

    • Thanks your the input and I know its my style I'm not changing how I dress based on these anwsers I just like to see what people have to say about it lol

    • Oh okay then, np (:

  • For preppy I liked the 1st link mainly because it looked suave without being overly preppy, it was unique and almost like a prep sub culture. For rock I didn't like either (sorry but I couldn't get past the hair lol) maybe if it was on a sleeker looking gentleman vs. the dude in the picture then sure but idk. . .

  • Out of those 2, I like the preppy look


What Guys Said 2

  • The first preppy one is okay...NOT the green! ...unless your gay...

    The two rock styles are a little odd...

    You should dress for yourself, and do what you think is your style...personally I do the whole white t-shirt and jeans

    • Haha yes I agree the green is gay just wanted to see how many women like guys dressing like that lol

    • Yeah unfortunately I've seen quite a few guys around who dress like that...sad really!

  • They both seem rather lame unless your a rockstar then go with style b ;)

    I agree with breakuptomakeup, dressing like a normal person is better :P