What makeup shade or brand do I use if I'm olive colored?

I'm a white girl though. But my skin especially my legs and stomach look really tanned. Like paper bag colored. My face is sort of paler and looks more yellowy. I feel like I'm olive toned. Like in the green yellow undertone category despite my veins being blue and purple and all that extra shxt, I try to take undertone quizzes but yeah... I can just tell It's like olivey or green. My pale indian friend's like the same color as me. Think Mila Kunis-ish. Every concealer comes out looking pinkish or orangey and it's annoying me. I like my yellowy natural color but everything at cvs is like pink. Wtf do I do because I gave up on concealer but I sort of like it.


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  • I go after brands that are yellow toned instead of pink toned, there's lots. My current foundation isn't exactly as yellow toned as my skin so I use a yellowish colored setting powder which helps a lot if you can't find any yellow toned foundations.

    • could you name some of the exact stuff you use. I just go to cvs and it all looks so different once I take it out the store.

    • Loreal true match has various yellow toned foundation shades , but my local drugstore stopped selling them so I had to resort to ELF's brand sadly. As for yellow toned foundation shades , this sounds ridiculous but actually worked like a charm, I used a flat matte golden yellow eyeshadow that actually worked great for brushing over my foundation after it was set. I'd reccomend an actual foundation powder that looks yellow toned enough, you dont want one that looks too tan or orange since this won't fit your skin tone. I'd definitely recommend going to an actual makeup store and get fitted for your perfect tone , a lot of places will fit you specially so you dont have to guess and be dissapointed after buying the foundation

  • I think some deep shades of brown would look good based on your description, and darkish lipstick would be cool as well


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