If you asked a guy to do something and his reply was "perhaps."

Perhaps, what does that mean?

I asked this guy I've been seeing for a couple of weeks if he would like to come over to my place and go swimming and eat dinner and he said "Perhaps...that would be nice of you."


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  • WTF, who the f*** is this guy, Mr Fonzworth Bentleys or something lol? I can just image how the sex would be.

    scenario #1

    you: I'm gonna give you the best blow job ever"

    Him: Perhaps...that would be nice of you

    you: and then you can return the favor huh baby.

    Him: Perhaps not..


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  • It sounds as though he has some issues with swimming.

  • LOL its not funny but, maybe he's not into you just yet but likes you. You look the emo stylr type maybe he's emo style type alittle too. I like the sexual joke though may have a point there. Maybe the dudes working to hard and just needs you to jump on him. that be nice of you too.


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