So I guess there is no hope for me and this girl?

Since she goes to my gym and my abs class and I see her everyday there and I catch her looking sometimes but since there is that unwritten rule for no flirting at the gym?

I mean I think she may notice me but idk. I don't know how or when to initiate anything.


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  • What rule said there is no flirting in the gym? Dude, there's always flirting in the gym open your mind, ears, eyes, and mouth. you need the gym hustle to catch her eye. Also it shows that your comitted to the gym. Even a guy who doesn't workout but respects the gym hustle and mind set. " Everyone in the gym is a striving for something, fixing something, making it better, a freak, sexy, so on... " as a chance with a girl who might be a TRAINER. and if that person your after is not a gym girl then there is a hustle for her to. but the gym loves the hustle. That's a rule!

  • well you don't really have to flirt with her to get her attention. just talk to her. small talk for awhile when you get a chance in yur class, workout with her or something. working out in the gym can be a pretty good social experience. and when things get better, ask her if she wants to hangout sometime.

    • You know I didn't think of that one. But it works out. I like it because you get up close. makes sense. But, remeber there are always better partners in the gym. I hope it works out for him though. gotta no when to stop and think before lifting and there after.