How can I make myself look my age?

I'm 19 years old about to be 20 but, No one thinks I'm my age. I get 14-17 and it sucks... I wanna try maybe changing my clothing style or something.. my boyfriend says I look fine but, he's my boyfriend.. it's sweet but at the same time i don't wanna look like a child either. I'll post a picture for ref..
i just added a profile picture if that helps..


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  • I'm sure you look absolutely fine! I think the best way to appear older is to act mature. A lot can be said about age and the way you dress as well. My girlfriend got all dressed up for a night on the town with me the other day and looked like a stunning young woman!

    • I've never been told i dress like a child... i wear whatever i feel like either a nice dress, off the shoulder shirts, crop tops, lacy things whatever. my style is kinda like mature girly girly but, i've always been told i have a baby face and that im soft spoken.. i drive my own car and pay bills but, with the way kids dress these days who knows how old anyone is anymore and i think i fall into that category.. im older than my boyfriend by a few months and i bet people think he's dating a high schooler..

    • i uploaded a profile picture if that helps as well.. i've just kinda grown tired of hearing how "small and cute i am" or "how i look like a high schooler"

    • I honestly think you look like a mature young lady! I'd say you look your age (around 20)

      And I have a baby face as well so sometimes people aren't sure of my age either.

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  • That sounds frustrating. Also reminded me of this:
    Honestly I checked out your profile pic and you don't look that young at all, in my opinion. This happens to me too, sometimes. Best!

    • well thank you :) it is frustrating but older women tell m ill come to appreciate it when im older but for now im not so sure lol

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  • You just have a really naturally looking pretty face. You could add a bit of makeup, wear high heels to increase the appearance of your age. But, trust me, 15 years from now when you are 35, but still look 20, you will think that is so awesome!!!


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  • Well that could be fixed by dressing more like an adult. No more t-shirts lol... try cowl neck sweater dresses, tights with tall boots, etc.

    • i dont wear t-shirts. I hate them. that's pretty much my style now. dresses, skinny jeans, tights, skirts tank tops, crop tops and more the list could go on... I love crap like that. In my pfp i have a sweater that's kinda open shoulders.

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    • Yeah beach works, but I wouldn't wear them casually! The rest sounds pretty good though!

    • to b honst.. i only wore it once last summer and haven't had it on since but i glad to hear my usual style isn't bad :) thank you

  • makeup will do

    • tried it.. all my friends, my boyfriend, and even my dad said natural is a better look on me

    • you don't have to cake your face in it, just a bit of eyeliner on the top lid and mascara 😊
      and maybe retouching the eyebrows lol changes a lot

    • ill take your advice.. i actually wore it for awhile but i was afraid id rub my eyes and ruin it lol maybe ill try it for work tmm

  • Be mature

    • My level of maturity has nothing to do with my looks. I'm not immatur anyway lol..

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