How to make ur lipstick or liquid lipstick last?

I have a favourite brand of matte liquid lipstick, the problem is everytime i eat the lipstick is gone or everytime i use napkin while eating the lipstick stain will get to it and people can see it. Its kind of embarrasing. I dont always have time to freshen up to put it on again after, so is there any solution for that? Or lipstick are just like that and everyone have problems with that?
I dont want to buy another lipstick, as its also expensive to buy lots of color shade


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  • Try to avoid eating sloppy food or chewy meals because it'll go everywhere e. g. sushi roll, kebab, ribs, lobster etc. All lipsticks and liquid lipsticks will not last when you're eating, making out with someone and drinking. Opt for a straw when drinking and it'll last longer.


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