What do some of u girls wear under those plunging halter tops?

The ones from like American apparel or the kardashians wear it a lot, especially the white colored ones. How do u not have ur parts showing, because you can't wear a regular bra. If i wear a white one i can't wear those bra cups either cuz they peek through


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  • As a family unit, the Kardashians embody virtually every vice and plague our current culture glorifies: gross materialism, do-it-yourself porn videos, bastardy, multiple divorces, promiscuity, gender fluidity (see Bruce Jenner), and extreme narcissism. The family has built an impressive empire upon Kim’s enormous naked ass and propensity for attention whoring.
    But would this “noble” group actually do anything good for our failing country? Would the fabulous Kanye West with his titanic ego, take up arms to defend our nation if the need arose? Or would he simply hide behind one of his overpriced, Yeezy Season 1 creations? After all why worry about the “little people” when Kim can preach body fat acceptance with nude pregnancy selfies?
    I do have one good thing to say about the Kardashians: as odious as they are, at least they do not lecture me about how I should pay more in taxes to save the world. I respect that.


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  • The Kardashians openly speak about using duct tape on their breasts, and wardrobe tape to keep necklines in place.

  • they have tops/vest


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