Girls, what are your thoughts on male self grooming?

I have done a few but not all of these, so I want you to comment on each of these and tell me where you find it unacceptable for a guy to be dabbling in :)

1. Straitening Hair

2. Doing own nails (Pushing back cuticles and keeping at a regular length)

3. A structure face wash routine

4. Chap-stick

5. Waxing

7. Cosmetic Surgery (Includes non-invasive as well as invasive procedures)

8. Tweezing

That's all I can think of, and you don't have to put you opinion for all of them just the ones you want to :)


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  • 1. I'm not a fan of guys with long hair personally, so I'd say I don't like it, but that's just me.

    2. As long as you don't paint them like, hot pink. Clear is fine I suppose.

    3. Washing your face regularly isn't bad, it keeps acne from your face and makes it healthier.

    4. Who want's chapped lips?

    5. Eh, why not?

    7. I don't like any form of cosmetic surgery unless it's for a health reason, but if it makes you feel better about yourself, then I guess go for it.

    8. As long as it isn't excessive. I don't want a guy with really thin eyebrows, but getting the stray hairs isn't bad, it keeps your eyebrows looking good.


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  • 1. is fine by me...

    2... uh doing own nails is a no for me...

    3. ok...

    4. ugh, might be a turn off if I saw him do it... but wouldn't care if he used chapstick

    5. if you means chest and back (if needed) then oh yes please!

    6. is... ? lol

    7. no thanks...

    8. As long as he's not shaping his eyebrows, but just like making sure there's no uni-brow, than that's OK.

    Taking care of yourself is OK, pampering, not so much.

  • 1. Is ok, I know lots of guys who do it

    2. That's a really good thing! I know guys who don't cut their nails and stuff, and its sooo gross

    3. That's another really good thing

    4. If they have chapped lips, go for it!

    5. Waxing can be a bit weird, but it also depends

    7. I find cosmetic surgery stupid

    8. And I find tweasing is a bit girly

    I like it when a guy takes care of himself, just as long as he isn't over doing it! I've seen guys with makeup (foundation and stuff like that) and its just gross.

  • 1. Not attractive, I like guys' hair to be its natural texture

    2. Well-groomed hands on a guy are nice.

    3. Its fine

    4. Soft lips are nice but I wouldn't want to kiss a guy while he has chapstick on

    5. Absolutely not

    7. I don't like fake faces

    8. If the guy has a unibrow that's fine to tweeze off, otherwise no

  • 1.I personally think if a guy takes care of his hair like if they dyed it,or straitened it,is very attractive to me.

    2.As long as they are not too long,I don't mind :)

    3.Healthy skin is a very good thing.

    5.Waxing?Well then again,hairy guys are a turn-off.But I don't mind if their legs are hairy or their arms.

    7.Cosmetic surgery is completely ridiculous if its done your face.But if its gastric bi-pass surgery,that's not so bad I guess.

    8.Its a bit feminine.


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