What do you wear to a teen club?

So my friend wants me and my other friend to go clubbing for her birthday this weekend. I'm not one for any kind of social outing, so this is completely out of my element. So with that being said, what do I wear to a club?

(I look slutty (and really bad) in a lot of cloths so dresses, skirts and crop tops are out of the question. If no one has any suggestions I'm just going in a flannel and jeans, I'll probably be in the corner all night anyways)


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  • it's a club. you're supposed to look slutty.. that's the point of a club.. however, you're still under 18, i don't like that type of thing, especially if guys are there

    • yeah obviously I'm not one for social gatherings. my wardrobe consists of jeans and sweaters, and I don't really like looking slutty. so this is why I don't know what to wear 😂

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    • I'm not gay. I can assure you of that. it also sounds like you're very uninformed about sexuality 😂

    • tell that to the computer who just selected me as best answer, fool

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  • Wear low cut shirts and short dresses etc, boys will be drooling and doing anything you want lol

    • I don't know, I don't really own anything like that. girly clothes and me tend to not get along 😂

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    • Every girl can look good in feminine clothes! Trust me.
      Definitely wear something sexy when going to a club, girls can have so much power in a club

    • trust me, I don't 😂
      tried it once for a dinner party, never wore a dress after that. and skirts, heck I haven't worn a skirt in ten years.
      I don't really have a history with guys either, so I don't I don't know

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  • First of all. Do you want to find a partner or just have fun?

    • do I seem like the kind of person who goes to these settings? of course I'm not looking for a partner 😂
      I'm simply obligated to go since it's my friend's birthday. so I guess to have fun. even though I'm gonna completly hate the experience when it's over 😂

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  • You should wear dresses

    • dresses are a definite no. I look like literal trash. so much so I've seen them off, haven't worn one in forever and refuse to. especially in such a social setting

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    • skirts are just dresses without the top part 😂

    • Ahhahaha😂😂

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