Girls, sandal season is upon us, are your toenails in immaculate condition?

Consider adding just a bit of length to your toenails. It provides a larger canvas to show off your pedicure. I think French pedicures always look feminine and sexy... a no-brainer you can stick with all season. Open-toe heels or strappy sandals will always complete your look and help show off your new pedi. These details matter! Attention and compliments will follow...


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  • No they look and smell terrible. Small children and dogs faint when they see them. Any survivors stand in abject horror whispering "why did the foot guys have to be so pervy? If they'd only been less revolting on every conceivable level women would be free to take are of their feet. Why foot guys?" And then they scoop up their children and sew socks into all their sandals and pants so no human being ever has to be reminded of feet ever again.

    • Sounds like you may have had a bad experience with a foot guy. That's unfortunate. You shouldn't let that poison your opinion about ALL foot guys. OR cause you not to take care of your feet. And if you think a foot fetish is the most 'revolting' thing in the world... well, lol, I just hope you stay sheltered and never have to face something truly and actually revolting in life.

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    • And you are actively adding to the harassment by doing things like this and not putting your fetish questions in the sexual catagories

      I appreciate your apology but you need to be better about your choices.

    • I understand where you're coming from. I didn't know there was a fetish category. I am pretty new here. Again, it wasn't my intention to upset you. All apologies. Take care.

  • Mine could use some work.

    • Well I did kinda jump the gun. Its not totally warm and sunny yet. You still have another month or so... lol. Cheers.

    • Yes and we had below freezing temps here the last few nights.

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