Why did he keep looking back?

I take the subway daily and I usually see this cute guy who seems to look at me a lot. Not every second like a creepy guy, though.

Anyways, the other day I was on the subway and as he was getting out of his seat to get off at the stop, he looked at me for a couple of seconds. Then as he was standing by the door, he turned his at and looked at me again and when I caught him, he turned away really quickly. He did this 3 times.

The thing is..whenever he looks at me, it seems like a huge coincidence that at that exact moment I was looking at him too and we both look away whenever we catch each other looking at one another. Hopefully he doesn't think I'm a creeper or something. So was he looking back because he's interested?


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  • i completely understand! as women sometimes we just know stuff and can pick up on emotions. seems like he is just shy. I say go for it! if you don't you will regret it. I had a similar situation a long time ago. I just thought I was trippin and he wasn't really looking at me... until he came up to me and stuttered his way into asking me what time it was... with his sell phone in his hand with a huge clock as the screensaver. lol we dated for a while... he told me later that I was so pretty he just didn't know what to do.. lol

    • Aw that's adorable! Yea I agree about women being about to pick up on emotions...it's weird but true. I also think that him looking at me is just a coincidence or that he thinks I'm creepy because I look back when he looks at me. And the way he looked back at me 3 times as he was about to leave the subway...do you think it was just a coincidence?

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  • i have a serious face and never smile at strangers, even pretty ones that i am interested in. so... yeah. just go for it dude

  • I ate at subway the otherday and this girl kept looking at me. I didn't understand it until I realized I had bbq sauce on my face. Could have been that.

    • Haha aww!! I never eat on the subway though and I don't just seem him once, but all the time so I kind of doubt it. But thanks :)

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  • yes... sound like love a 1st sight. unless you have 2 heads or something. he is probably in awe.. and is shy... say something to him... even if its just what time is it.

    • Yeah we see each other on the subway a lot and it seems like we just glance at each other a couple of times but the glances feel so.....different. I can't even explain it. I'm scared to approach him because he always has earphones in his ears and is kind of unapproachable because he always has a straight face =/ Makes it that much harder...

    • Some people don't always look friendly... does not mean that he is not. what do you mean by different? good or bad way? do you think you could smile at him...? I'm sooooo shy but if you do it it will let him know you are interested. if he is not it could be because he has a girlfriend o something. he obviously has noticed you so that's the only reason I think he wouldn't come talk t you.

    • Different in a good way. Like there's some sort of connection going on...sounds weird I know haha. Well one of the times he looked back, I gave a fast (REALLY fast) half smile and I don't think he noticed it because he quickly turned away when he saw that I caught him. He does look like the shy type, though. I just want to know FOR SURE if he is interested or not so I can ask him for the time next time I see him :P

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