Would I look better with a beard or facial hair?

I am just wondering. Some of my friends have said yes, while a few girls have said no, and one of my guy friends said I'd look like Allan from the hangover so I shouldn't. What do you think


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  • brutal awnser, ok?

    large guys like us should be very careful when growing beards... not because of that guy from that movie but because it can make cheeks look larger BUT it can be used to hide under chin.

    if you try leaving it for a few days seeing if stuble is growing in as patches or evenly as a way of judging it.

    becareful of uneven areas its common problem.

    i would if you do decide to suggest a short and semi well trimmed beard for you, do NOT go for anything that frames mouth ie goatie or such as it will look super bad.

    ( iev had a few beards in my life) and if you do go ahead with beard enjoy it. :)


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  • I reckon you should grow it so you can decide for yourself whether or not it's right for you. In general girls prefer either clean-shaven or stubble, though prickly beards aren't so great for kissing :P You should at least try though!

  • yeah no maybe not a full out beard, I think that's gross... some facial hair would be ok I think, but ultimately its up to u


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