Sex and the City...guys?

I don't know how many guys have ever watch...maybe your girlfriends have forced you into watching it or maybe you were curious, but this is really just for guys who have watched the SHOW...not the movies.

What do you think about the opinions/theories on the show?

Personally, I consider the show sort of my guide to female life. I know many other females feel the same, and I'm just wondering if you, as males, agree with a lot of the things the slants they take on various guy related issues and what you think of the characters as women in general.

But like I said, this will only really apply if you've watched the show.

So..what do you think?


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  • I have watched it a few times.

    I though it was meant to be more of a joke. An exaggeration.

    The tall blond that seems to have sex with anyone & sex is her answer to everything. Not my kind of girl.

    The blond that writes the column seems a little more normal, as I could see a girl getting hung up on a guy like she did with big. If she's the one with the shoes that's ridicules.

    The redhead seems somewhat normal but maybe that's because I like redheads.

    The brunette seems too innocent & not very street savvy for her age & living in New York


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  • Actually I tried watching watching it when I was seven lol. We didn't have cable back then and I couldn't understand anything. When I look back I'm like wow why did I watch that.

  • I've never seen it, but I highly doubt it presents realistic ideas and theories about men. It's a show by women, for women.

  • its a show. a fictional show made to entertain. just like twilight. IT ISNT REAL. lol


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