Does the way a woman dresses affect how you approach her? Which "style" do you prefer?

If so how much of an impact does it make? And what are the different ways you approach them?

  • Does the way a woman dresses affect how you approach her? Which Relaxed
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  • Does the way a woman dresses affect how you approach her? Which Preppy
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  • Does the way a woman dresses affect how you approach her? Which Somewhat dressy
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  • Does the way a woman dresses affect how you approach her? Which Sporty
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I was wondering more along the lines of- Is one sort of outfit more intimidating to you? Does one outfit appear more inviting to you? Does a certain style give you an impression of what kind of girl she is?
Over 200 votes? Wow, thanks for the feedback everyone😁.


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  • Whether in terms of friendship, romantic interest or just to chat, a woman who either is completely done up "hot girl in the club" style or who dresses as if she has/comes from a lot of money (i. e. you can tell her clothes are very expensive, even if it's not a preppy style) is intimidating to approach. There are always these women who wonder why their less attractive female friends get approached and they don't, and it's usually about this and/or her demeanor. I've also seen women wonder why they get approached more when they go out in sweats and looking very casual, i. e. in their words, "look like crap," and this is also why. None of your pics really reflect what I'm talking about (which might be affecting the kind of answers you're getting), but you're on to something with the idea that certain styles of dress are more intimidating and it is also usually inseparable from the woman's perceived demeanor/personality, too, as well as hair and makeup...

    These are examples of the most intimidating styles:

    Your "somewhat dressy" look is the closest one to intimidating, especially since the woman in the pic is pretty... but she's also smiling... it'd be more intimidating if she weren't. For me, the more feminine a woman is dressed and seems to be, the more intimidating she is, but she's also more attractive that way (which is probably why I'm intimidated). I am with the guys who say they don't approach regardless, lol, but I'm 100% not approaching an intimidating woman for any reason whereas I might chat with or ask a question from some other women.

    For the record, my closest friend is an intimidating type (more like the last two pics I give, but more so in terms of the whole package), and we met online a long time ago. I told her if we had initially met in person, I never would have even talked to her, lol. You just assume certain women don't want to give you the time of day.

    • This is really a really well thought out answer and completely true as far as I can tell. Thanks for the breakdown of factors and circumstances.

    • The "intimidation factor" of the women in the first two pictures is much less a function of what they're wearing, and much more a function of the fact that they're in a big group of girlfriends.

      ... because a group of more than 2 or 3 girlfriends is pretty much completely unapproachable for boys, unless (i) they're basically professional entertainers, or could be... or (ii) the boys are in a group of the same size.

    • @redeyemindtricks I go up to groups of girls all the time, more eye candy to look at, it surprises them when I do.

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What Guys Said 56

  • They don't really have much effect unless it's something kind of extreme, like emo... that's a turn off and definitely not approaching. Same with a girl that has half her ass hanging out her short shorts and her boobs almost popping out.
    The way someone dresses says a lot about a person, so by the way a girl dresses you can sort of guess her personality.

    • That makes sense. Just wasn't sure where most people draw the line between extreme or daunting and cute or stylish.

  • My perception is that "preppy" girls already have boyfriends and/or fiances, but they'll cheat on their husband with his boss. Or her boss. Or the next richest guy she finds. "Relaxed" girls rarely if ever have boyfriends but they always have at least 50-60 guys in the friendzone at all times and brother, you're welcome to join their ranks... "somewhat dressy" girl will cheat on you to mark something off her checklist of traits she has ever or would ever find attractive. Like, "Oh I dated Mark for 3 years, but then I met this guy with blue eyes, and I've always just wanted to make love to a guy with blue eyes, so..." And they've always got like a few thousand different things on that list. These are the girls that put up "Kareem Abdul Jabbar numbers" before they even finish college.

    And then "sporty" girl, that's easy, she's always gotta be with the tallest, fittest, hunkiest guy, so she'll be your perfect girlfriend and training partner until she meets a guy at the juice bar she goes to with slightly bigger arms than you.

    Eventually "Sporty" girls all end up marrying ten feet tall alien-hybrid dudes with Scandinavian features and like extra muscles that human men don't even have, and maybe extra arms, who knows?

    • Lmao, so all girls are flakes and or snakes at some point or another.

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    • So I take it you're unfamiliar with the concept of facades. Of course, clothing is utilized as part of the expression but a person's personality is not defined by the scraps of cloth they pull on every day. I've noticed that a lot of people dress to conform to their surroundings, so if a girl lives in a tropical and casual area, she'll wear more shorts and tank tops but if she lives in a tropical but luxurious area she might wear more sundresses and fancy lightweight clothing.

    • Yeah, facades!

      I hate those.

  • Of course it matters! If dressed like you are a secretary, doctor or THE BOSS! I will come respectfully. If you look like a construction worker (beauty might still be there) HOWEVER not likely to get sweet / nice words! If sporty I might start by speaking of teams you are on... If dressed like your shoes have more materials than you outfit! No disrespect ( I guess ) I might just all out ask if you want it!

  • it doesn't really make too much of a difference how a woman dresses. and I think a relaxed casual look is always super cute. dressy can also be adorable especially depending on the location and if it's slightly fancy.

  • I like this style. I think it's preppy.

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  • Somewhat dressy is kinda how i dress so i guess i like that.. the relaxed one looks nice also.

  • how a woman dresses tell you everything about her if everything is hanging out and she's an attention seeker if she's very conservative she might be very very conservative if she's casual sloppy she might wear sweats all day long until she goes to the grocery store if she gets dressed everyday like a soldier then she's ready for battle but if she gets dressed like a lady and conduct yourself with respect and that's how you should treat her

  • I dress kind of all over the place. One day, I can be in a sweatshirt and yoga pants and dressy thr next. I like dressing up and I don't care if people think I'm a try hard. Like it's supposed to be a bad thing. I like looking good there's nothing wrong with that.

    • True that. My style of dress usually reflects my mood lol. Or I'll throw on whatever is the comfiest. I'll match up my outfit and stuff but I've been known to find ways to dress up a pair of sweatpants because I prefer the comfort lol.

  • No matter who you are or what you do, and whether you like it or not, you are marketing yourself. Your a walking billboard.

    NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS. By nature and out of habit we all judge and make assumptions from appearances.
    clothes affect how people perceive us and even how we view or think of ourselves.

    • Well said.

      As a teenager, I had a romantic's view that people should judge each other by their heart and actions. It took until I was almost thirty, a working professional who wore jeans, t-shirts, a full beard, and long hair (jesus look?) before I realized I wasn't boldly standing up to fashion tyranny, I was hiding.

      I shaved, cut the hair, bought slacks, shoes, and button-downs. The difference in how people treated me was amazing to me.

      Women stayed on my side of the sidewalk instead of crossing the street. I hadn't even noticed that they'd had a tendency to cross the street rather than walk near the sketchy-looking dude.

      I went into Nordstrom and had three salespeople asking what I was looking for, even going to get things they thought would work for me, rather than walking around the store like a ghost visible only to the security guards.

      Thank you for saying this, @lovelybeautyxo.

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    • @MarriedMale43 hm, interesting, thanks.

      I mean, I still find it... well, interesting.
      because there WAS a time when the metal look was actually associated with the kind of boys who really were, in fact, trouble -- but, you and I are both at least 20 years too young for that.

      like... if a metal boy our age or younger ever made women want to keep their distance? he probably just looks like he hasn't showered in a week. lmao but srsly

    • @redeyemindtricks LMAO, well, that could have been part of it. =D Timing, location, and generation of the woman matters, too, I'm sure.

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