What should I wear and how should I act?

*You couldn't see her and your mom got in the way. You called her all the time, and you got sick of missing her.

You dumped her.

*The love died you told her you didn't feel the same.

*You haven't seen her in 4 months and haven't talked to her in 3.

*You'll be at a birthday party at a lake house, she'll obviously be there also.

*Obviously she'll be wearing a bikini.

*You know she's beautiful and also has a very athletic body.


I want to play hard to get.

I want to look beautiful.

I want him to get the butterflies again.

Help me give him goose bumps.

I need advice.

It’s going to be hot outside; I'm not a girly kinda girl.

I'm kinda preppy and I'm raised white so please no ghetto style clothing.

I basically have the same color and tone of skin as Christina Milian.

I have her complexion and I look a lot like her. Think of an outfit for me, I’ll be swimming and I’m sure it’ll get cold at night so I don’t know what to do.

I have lots of hair and I don't know what to do with it!

I want to look absolutely beautiful, so that my ex will get the chills when he sees me.

I need advice on:

*Bikini color/style







Gestures: What to do with my eyes, lips, smile, hands, laugh.when to do what? I want him to get the chills.


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  • OKay look you need to be comfortable s0o0o he doesn't think that you want to get him back but if you really want some advice then e-mail me