This look?

i like this guy and I think he likes me too, we have the same best friend and we like know who each other is and have talked a couple times but we REALLY don't know each other, I was walking across the courtyard the other day and he gave me a look like this: link

while he was on the phone.

what does that look mean.

its not like a blank stare. he always looks at me like that and his our friend told me he likes me but he's too shy to say it


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  • He probably was checking you out or he was probably asking himself, "Do I know that girl?" Most likely, he's not a pussy; thus, he was probably checking you out without showing any perverted gestures.


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  • Looks like a blank stare to me.


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  • The look could've been towards something he heard on the phone, and completely unintentional. He couuuuuld like you though, it is a possibility. If he wasn't on the phone, I'd say completely, but he could have just been distracted.

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