Anxious with tattoos?

Im on my 5th tattoo. and I'm still as nervous as i was with number 1. am I the only one? XD


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  • Come on bro, man up! :P

    Tattoos don't hurt, they just nip. I'd rather have a tattoo than have a root canal or something like that. You've done this before, you didn't die. You'll be fine.

    • I know XD maybe its excitment. i wanna get in that chair and watch!

    • Lol, I think you're right. It's nervous anticipation. I quite enjoy listening to the tattoo artists' stories. They usually have some interesting ones to tell.

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  • I've got 15 tattoo's so far and always wanting another. I think it's more excitement or adrenaline with a bit of nervousness. If it's a area you don't already have tattooed then maybe a bit of nervousness because every area has a different feel of pain. Some spots can be very painful and other spots not much pain.

  • after my first I was hooked and get super excited when I'm getting a new one


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