Why is my under eye concealer doing this?

Why is my under eye concealer doing this?

I use a primer, then put on an average amount of Kat Von D lock it concealer, and set with a small amount of maybelline loose powder. I've tried many different concealers, primers, and powder. I've tried no primer, no powder, one or the other vice versa, I've tried everything. My makeup under my eyes always looks torn apart seperated and cakey. What can I do to stop this?


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  • Do you allow time for your primer and concealer to set inbetween each other before applying them on your skin?

    Don't use powder either, that's what is making it look all cakey. Plus do you use a blending sponge to apply the product underneath your eye?

    It's a good idea to exfoliate your skin before applying foundation too.


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  • I'd suggest applying the concealer with a damp sponge (patting/bouncing motions) then set it with the smallest amount of powder and continue the patting motion. Swiping motions always disturbs the make-up

  • Do you sweat or have dry skin?

    • I have dry skin generally but my under eyes aren't cakey or anything.

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    • In the meantime, you may have better luck minimizing the use of thicker foundations and concealer. Use powder sparingly and focus under your eyes with a very light highlight. It will lighten the darker areas there without putting too heavy of a cream there to cake up the makeup.

    • If none of this is the cause/solution, could you possibly not be allowing your wet foundation or concealer dry before applying your powder? Because that will lead to the caked up look as well.

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