Hairy women? Hairy men?

Hairy women? Hairy men?
Body hair is nothing short of unattractive these days since both men and women alike do not like it! It's normal for men to grow body hair yet it seems to put off so many women. Now, if a women were to be growing body hair, you'd probably wonder what they're doing!

So, how do you tolerate body hair?

Me, personally, I don't care. You could be the hairiest man alive and it wouldn't bother me. I don't mind even if women wish to be hairy. It's their choice. Yeah it might be weird to see a woman with hairs on her chest but I don't judge.

Now, for laughs, giggles and grins, what if humans had animal like fur? Like this?

Hairy women? Hairy men?
How would that make you feel xD

Although, I bet there's people out there who wouldn't mind this lol


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  • It's a personal preference 😊 I think it's sad there is so much societal pressure on body hair; and that people would stick by what they enjoy on their body.
    Personally I don't like any on myself, I like how being smooth feels but I would never judge anyone for preferring otherwise


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  • At some point we did. :) this person pulls it off well though :)

  • If humans had fur no one would think much about it because fur would be the norm.


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