Guys, which hairstyle?

Which hairstyle would you want your girlfriend to have? Comment if you don't like any of the hairstyles at all. What is your opinion about D?
  • Guys, which hairstyle??A)
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  • Guys, which hairstyle??B)
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  • Guys, which hairstyle??C)
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  • Guys, which hairstyle??D)
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  • Guys, which hairstyle??E)
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  • Guys, which hairstyle??F)
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  • Guys, which hairstyle??G)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Here are my opinions:
    A - looks good, but can't see the front and that seems like a lot of work to do all the time
    B - The bow thing looks weird but otherwise it's fine
    C - I voted for this one, it looks good but actually the hair probably won't stay like that all day. It's a nice length and color though.
    D - I'm not a huge fan of the color combination or how it's ALL going to one side. If the yellow wasn't so stark and it was styled closer to C, it would be cool. Or just a different color than yellow.
    E - Looks good too but it seems like a lot of effort. Also I like this style better for light hair than dark hair.
    F - I like it in theory but the bangs are too long to be in front of her face. It should either have shorter bangs, or have them parted.
    G - I like this one just fine, I guess I just didn't vote for it because I didn't like her makeup


Most Helpful Girl

  • I want the hair color of the girl on G. It's sooo pretty *_*


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  • first one looks cute


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