Does having a bent nose change anything? Would a guy be less attractive to you if he had bent nose? If yes then, How much?

I have got a slightly bent aquiline nose, I'm 6'3", with an alright face and athletic body, would the bent nose change anything?


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  • Other than your breathing, no

    • Thanks for MHO dude. Any time you need me to punch your nose back in place I'm here for you

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    • Bahaha is it that bad? Show me

    • It's not that obvious actually (from what I've been told), I realized it was bent when I was around 16 I think, lemme see if I can send you a pic

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  • if everything else is good, it will be seen as attractive actually. kind of like how the hemsworth brothers have the kind of nose that would look shit on anyone else but because the rest of them is perfect, it looks masc.


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