Girls - jockstraps - hot or not?

The first time I saw my guy in a jock, I laughed hard, but I actually find the bare butt pretty hot! What do you think?


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  • The jury is out! I have never seen a guy wearing one but if I am really into a guy, I don't give a fuck what they are wearing

  • Showing skin is hot but they do look funny

    • Thanks - yeah I kinda agree. What about guys in thongs?

    • Jock straps aren’t that hot, but a thong isn’t so bad, as long as it’s not a girl thong. I would be mortified if I came home to find my boyfriend wearing one of my thongs!

    • @Elliegirl Agreed. Choice of underwear is one thing. Your boyfriend wearing yours is another! I think underwear looks and functions best when there is as little as possible. Boxers on guys just seem like an unnecessary amount of material, especially if working out.

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