Any tips on uneven toned skin & redness on the face?

Ever since my acne calmed down. I've been so red and I'm even.


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  • Congrats on getting rid of your acne, that must have took a lot of time and effort.

    I have dry and sensitive skin which I break out in rashes if I have go too long without using my skin care or has fragrance and lanoline. Just thought I would tell you if you were curious about my skin type. My dermatologist told me these tips and it sounds like you could be sensitive too.

    -Cera Ve hydrating cleanser
    -Lubriderm daily moisture for normal to dry skin sensitive
    -Euserin daily moisturizer (optional)
    -sweet almond oil

    -Wash in tipid temperature water when taking baths or washing your face.
    - moisturize twice daily for a month or more.
    -Never use toners because of the alcohol in it.
    -dont exfoliate, it's very rough on your skin. A wash cloth is enough to exfoliate when cleansing.
    -dont use estringent makeup remover, or makeup clothes
    -drink plenty of herbal tea or water
    - I love sweet almond oil, for my baths and whenever I need something on my skin.
    -use sunscreen (recommended at 15spf and a 1/4 tsp amount) underneath makeup

    Hope your skin looks its best soon!

  • i have the same thing, maybe rosacea? use a color correcting primer ( green) and also do a full face of foundation ( i use makeupforvever hd) and then use tarte shape tape in a super light shade to do your under eye highlight, chin, nose, and middle of forehead! also bake with laura mercier

  • I recommend the regimen at acne. org which is really designed to reduce irritation and redness.


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