Do females find it nerdy or attractive when a male rides a dirt bike on the streets (a street legal dirt bike)? Which one: nerdy or attractive?

I am trying to decide which type of bike to buy, and I am thinking about a street legal dirt bike. It would have a 250cc motor or bigger no matter what type of bike I buy, dirt bike or not, it would have to be a decent sized bike as I am 6'0" and 190lbs. Don't be afraid to be honest, I want to know if a street legal dirt bike is cool to the females or not. I am 22 years old at a university. Have had many extremely good looking girls after me, and I want to know if a street legal dirt bike will hurt me or better me.


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  • I cannot see how a dirt bike could be considered nerdy or attractive. There are a few 'teenagers' who ride them in my local village and they are looked upon as annoying but they tend to use them for fun rather than transport.

    However having your own transport is always good and a big dirt bike will always trump a moped/scooter. Just make sure you always carry a spare helmet for the girls. They will appreciate that.

    Personally I would get a street bike. I own a Honda VFR400 myself.


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  • Getting a motorcycle can only help. It is the one way that younger men less affluent can go toe to toe in terms of vehicles with wealthy older men who can afford muscle or luxury cars, Something about motorcycles will make the bras unhook and the panties drop.

    However, if you live in a mostly urban or suburban area, you are probably better off with a street bike.

    • Have you seen the movie the place beyond the pines?

    • I haven't. I shall have to look it up, thanks.

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  • I don't put too much thought into either way. Would that be your only vehicle?

    • No, I have a ford ranger

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    • Ok, you don't think riding a dirt bike on the streets would look gay? Or would it look cool?

    • I don't know about cool but I think it's fine.

  • Neither. If I saw that if think. " look a dude in a dirt bike"


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  • I think the decision should be based on whether you plan to ride offroad as well as on the street.

    • I would ride offroad and on road.

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