How to Dumpster Dive?

Lately, I've been hearing and reading articles on Dumpster Diving, It's something I'm really willing to do it since it helps reduce waste and many other reasons. The thing is where are some good places to look for food, clothes, random things, etc. When is the best time to go? And if you know of other helpful information. Please do share. I know already its illegal where I live. Thanks..

I know of the risks and the precautions to take.


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  • Ok step one bypass both other comments you will get criticism and if you can't handle that this hobbie is not for you. 2. Food and cliths are fine from the dumpster with cliths just wash them and food you can get frozen foods and meat in the winter if its still sealed and no mire than a week past exp just can it it will be good for years. Canned food like soup cans are fine as ling as its just a dent not broke. Dry foods as ling as they are sealed and no more than a month or two past exp. I just got a very large haul from staples the other day if stuff like peanuts special k bars pretzels stuff like that. They exp in nov and they are fine. I get cloths for family and to sell from places like ild navy maurices etc and i get games fir me from game stop I've also seen toys from toys r us and anywhere else that has an unlocked dumpster. And that brings me to point 3 if its locked dont touch, if its a compactor dont touch if its in an unlocked gate you can open it and ussually if you dont leave a mess noone will know let alone care. You get some great stuff for nothing and as ling as they dont share with say a restaurant it is usually clean! Just make sure to brink something to grab stuff with, a step stool, gloves, and ideally a friend cause if you see something you want but can't reach jump in but you want a friend because you dont want the truck to come around and haul ya away. Hope this helped any other questions ask and i hope you go out of your comfort zone and give it a shot cause it is really fun and a great way to make some extra cash cause a lot if the non food items you can sell and food items send to a homeless shelter they dont care about exp date try it out, have fun, and be safe


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  • WOW that's really nice of you BUT I think your not aware of the risks.

    Start at home by using CFL lights & recycling. Reduce waste at home.


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  • 1. Don't look for food that's gross

    2. Clothing is equally gross so let it go.

    Look for small furnature things, I've watched my friends do it before, it's entertaining but they rarely come back with anything. They found a giant tv once but couldn' tmanage to fix it.

    ... That's about all I got.