Girls, should men shave their legs?

like if you had a boyfriend would you ask him to shave like his butt and thighs?


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  • Eh. There's no definite should or shouldn't seeing as everyone has their preferences. Personally for me, a ton of hair is a huge turn off... So at least trimmed but preferably shaven. But eh, shaving takes time and it's honestly a pain to do on the daily. It doesn't really matter in the end though. Why people are so picky is just annoying like lmao do you want the sex or not? Does the amount of hair really and truly matter? But eh. Again, everyone's got preferences so whatever ya want ya go do pal. Hope this helps!

    • Yeah, of course their are various ways of looking at this question. That's why your personal opinion matters. Thanks

    • Haha yeah I get what you mean. Well, my personal opinion probably differs from most but ey ya know? It's what ya asked for and I'm giving my honest opinion trying to help! I hope I did haha. And you're very welcome πŸ‘πŸΌ

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  • I would full body shave myself (my girl likes it too) if it took more than 2 damn days for the hair to grow again... I've only tried it once and I felt itchy as hell, plus I was back at the beginning 2-3 days later. Takes way too much time for me too.

    I only shave my chest and my privates.


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