What's the difference with an hourglass and a inverted triangle or rectangle?

I am curious because I'm not sure which I am 5'2" and a D cup with a butt it's not big but It's about the same size as like vintage Britney spears/halsey but not as wide. And I'm 110 lbs. Usually people say I'm an hourglass because I have a shapely figure. But I'm also really skinny and my waist is flat and skinny but not that small in my opinion. Anyhow what's the difference with an hourglassinverted triagnel and a rectangle? Which should I follow? On how to dress?


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  • Hourglass means you are big on top and big on the bottom with a small waist. Just like an hourglass. The triangle means you are big on top or in the hips/butt. Not both. I guess a rectangle would mean straight up and down. Never heard of that one before.


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  • Hourglass - hips and shoulders are about the same width (+/- 1 inch) and the waist is at least 10 inches smaller
    Inverted triangle - shoulders are visibly wider than the hips which (the hips) are only slightly larger than the waist
    Rectangle - shoulders and hips are about the same width and the waist is only a little bit smaller (9 inches or less)

    But at the end of the day, just dress however you want without following those bullsh*t articles about how to dress for your body type. You can see best what suits you and what doesn't.


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  • Probably triangle but almost hour glass but your hips need to be more pronounced. Still sound like you have a nice figure though

    • My hips and lower half is a lot like vintage britney spears. But I have D cups and I keep gaining up top rather than lower I guess that's triangle.

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    • oh I do lol. I get to a 36DDD when I'm 120 lbs. And I'm a lot more cups than that on my normal band which is actually a 32 not 36. I'm only a real 32D when I'm 100 lbs

    • Yeah that would get my attention 😊 I like that shape though and that they are real too

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  • Just dress how you want and feel comfortable doing. You have a great body so could pull off most styles.

  • Inverted triangle is big shoulders and narrow hips


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