How would a 17 year old who just started wearing contact lenses know if he's attractive or not?

I started wearing contact lenses recently and so far people have told me things like "nice haircut" and "you look with contacts on than with glasses" when I ask but other than that I haven't really heard any of the "you're cute"/ "you're handsome" type of remarks. I did just start wearing contacts like a few days ago and for like an hour a day.


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  • It's hard to tell honestly. I wore glasses all my life and tried contacts for about 5 months. People would comment they could see my eyes better, that I looked different, looked better, etc. But in all honestly I figured the drastic change from having glasses / frames constantly on your face to having nothing makes a significant change in appearance that people pickup on quickly.
    It sounds like you look good in contacts, as other people have made those comments about you, complimenting your hair and you look good with contacts. Wear them with confidence!

    Give it time, let people adjust and i'm sure you'll receive even more feedback about your new look. It's a major change to those people who see you ever day, but they will get used to it. Hopefully you are liking your contacts better too, and they are more comfortable for you. :)


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