Why are there so many guys who say they don't like women with makeup?

Why are there so many guys who say they don't like women with makeup?
Yet all these women who cover there faces in crap all seem to have boyfriends even attractive boyfriends.. yet the more plain girls who don't wear any seem to be more likely single.. so is it really true men prefer clean faces to women trying to enhance there looks?


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  • It is not the makeup that gets the woman a boyfriend. The kind of woman who cares about her appearance enough to put on makeup might also care enough about her appearance to take care of her skin, exercise, eat right, etc. The truth is a man typically prefers a pretty woman without makeup, not just any woman. It's kind of like how a woman says she wants a man who is confident, when what she means is that she wants a man she finds attractive to be confident and approach her, not just any man.

    • I've seen badly in shape women though.. who clearly don't eat right or take care of there health.. but still dress well and wear make up.. i mean why do they seem to have no problems? don't get me wrong this is my opinion but i people watch a lot and notice things lol

    • Everyone has problems, some people are just better at hiding them. The conventionally pretty ones typically work that much harder to ensure their perceived lives look fantabulous to everyone else. And no, we don't all get to have amazing metabolisms where we get to eat crap all the time without looking like we eat crap. So just have to work a tad harder than those who might have won the genetic lottery. Don't let that stop you.

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  • Honestly, I have not heard men in real life say they hate makeup. I've only seen guys on GAG say things like that. Realistically, it seems like women who do wear makeup are MUCH more likely to get male attention as opposed to women who never wear any makeup.

    • Yeah i got to agree with you there.

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    • Because they look like a hooker clearly. 😂 guys that think females look good with all caked up makeup are fake themselves pretty simple.

    • I have to agree with you anon and @redeyemindtricks. The guys on here say things that are against reality lol.
      They say they only prefer curvy women yet I see guys liking all kinds of body shapes irl. And they say they only like short women but I realized that was also not 100% true irl. And they say they dislike women with makeup on yet they drool over women with makeup and the truth is makeup DOES make a woman look slightly better if done correctly. They also say they hate tattoos and girls with short hair yet I see all kinds of different guys and girls in reality date those kinds of girls and much more. People online will say anything.

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  • Cuz they think the clown-faced girls are what make up is. Good makeup looks natural - they don't even know what they're looking at. Guys are not that smart about makeup done right.

    My wife went to beauty school. I've been around this stuff all my life. I always say learn what it takes to enhance your features but don't over do it.

    • look around in this topic. while guys exactly know what they want girls are the ones not getting it, saying things like "irl guys like caked makeup".
      we are not the ones (most of us) putting make up in our face, so how are we the ones who are not smart in here?

      its like saying the guy on the backseat is the reason why the driver is bad.

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    • @PropagandaMinister Evidently you just like to argue, and what you say makes no sense. Oh well.

    • There's Mexican/Asian dragon lady make-up, and there's tasteful application.

      Regardless, I won't be with someone who wears it.

  • To be blunt, its because you are applying paint to your face in hopes of deceiving someone about your neglected face wash routine. Men aren't oblivious to what it takes to keep a well hydrated balanced face. When we see a women dust her face with powders of white, red, and compliment their skin tone... it all looks like a cry for help. Its the equivalent of when a man uses deodorant instead of showering, or shakes some mouth was around in their mouth instead of brushing and flossing. Make up is exactly what its name entails.. your are "making up" for neglectful ways, with an unhealthy perception of what you think you are supposed to look like.

    You wanna know what men are REALLY looking at when they see those models on tv or megastars like beyonce, and jessica alba? They see a women that does not need make up, but they wear it for an event (though this is not needed either)

    You wanna know what men are REALLY looking at when they see women pounding in make up to head down to dunkin donuts before they head to work a 9-5? They are looking at desperation in its finest. You didn't get enough sleep because you partied the night before (no shame in the party part). You didn't brush your teeth last night, or this morning. Your eyes have circles under them no matter how much powder you apply (fact). Your painting of the lips to distract from the lack of washing your cheeks which has evolved into uneven skin tone, does not trick us.

    Ladies, no make up is the future. You can't continue to hide behind some facade that was created in the 1930's when slavery was still a thing anymore. Men have evolved, and so have their sensory deception skills. Basically, we can tell when you are not pure. Pouring a bunch of flour on your face and circling your eyes with a ballpoint pen is not going to make us go "oh wow, what a knockout!", as much as its going to make us wonder, "does her psychiatrist know she's out here acting like beyonce, but coming off hella desperate again?"

    You choose your fate ladies, but i date a woman that wears no make up, and her skin continues to look better and better with each cleanse and application of lotion. Just do me a favor, and stop looking like someone killed your dog when Men dont give you the time of day because you tried to deceive them with your face in 2017, and its obvious that evolution has taken it course.

  • Besides the fact that you are covering up all the natural attractive features that are supposed to be on your face, you are giving a false positive. Besides if a guy was to kiss you, do you think that we want to swallow lipstick, or bronzer, self tanner... And everything else.

    Do we want you to complain about your looks or complain that you do not look like this other girl, or that you have fat when you don't actually have fat in the crazy amount you are illuding to. It gets annoying when girls get allcranky about looks.

    And you are playing right into your own stereotypes that you hold guys to.

    Girls think that the only reason we look at cleavage is because they are showing, no, they look like natural skin, natural skin is nice. same as I look at legs, or anywhere else natural skin is showing. But of course they are what they are and try are attractive enough.

    Also I don't need your eyelids to be green or purple or pink, it looks weird, and I don't need you to curl your eyelashes, I want to see where your eyes are moving to. Also, if I like natural hair on your head, why would I want some hair that looks like it had driveway asphalt or tar or something on it? We're animals, not some creature created by a god, we are not.

    A peacock doesn't use false advertising to attract their females, they have what they have and show it off. Maybe they use sunlight to amplify their colours or something I don't know, but at least that's natural

  • My person opinion is that makeup is okay but there are two type of makeup girls apply
    1. the type that makes it seem like they don't wear any, but they are it's just very subtle, or the more natural look
    2. just completely noticable makeup where you can tell not just by the lipstick or the makeup around the eyes, but the skin it looks like too much

    I personally like when u can't tell that she is wearing makeup untill she pulls out the mirror and starts applying it.

  • I personally don't have any grudge against makeup unless if the girl uses excess.. they are there to hide the flaws but excess makeup makes women look hideous and if makeup is not done right the effect is bad.. what do you think?

  • I am one of those men, that prefer a woman to be natural to make up.

    Saying that, I do not mind a little make up on a woman. What I draw the line at, is a woman that wears make up to the point that she is unrecognizable
    from what she looks like without it.

    If you look like a completely different person with makeup on, than you do without it than you are wearing to much.

  • I don't know, but it's false. If there's one thing you should trust my word on is that a girl WILL get more male attention if she's wearing makeup.

    What guys mean when they say this is don't plaster a kilo of it on your face.

  • Because it gives women an unfair advantage. A woman that looks like a 4 can put on makeup and look like an 8 or a 9 and she thinks only 8 or 9s type of men are good enough for her. It would be like a man bringing an M1A1 Abrams tank to a fistfight and only him being allowed to use it. It is impossible to truly tell who is beautiful anymore with all the shallow fashion and make-up women are obsessed with anymore.

    • For starters, judging people by a number is gross. Secondly. No normal girls are that talented with makeup that you will be duped into thinking their better looking than they are. If you are you need glasses!

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    • @Blonde401 no I don't mean that I mean the one on youtube ugh I'll try find video

    • @Warmapplecrumble YouTube is different to real life. Ring lights, filters and all sorts. You can tell the difference between someone wearing makeup or not in real life.

  • Why are you so insecure that you need to put makeup on and judge yourself based on what other women have? I don't like makeup the woman in your photo is LESS ATTRACTIVE to me than a woman without it. Why can't women like you just accept that a man thinks you're beautiful. Its not complicated.

  • Ok, I'll give my honest opinion:

    I think makeup blocks the true beauty of women. They look very artificial, nothing natural, and this isn't a very good thing.
    Of course, if you wear light makeup, that's fine. Now, if you cover your whole face with it and end up with the face of a clown, it's ridiculous.

    Anyway, I'll always prefer girls who do not wear makeup, or who wear light makeup.

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  • Most of the guys that complain about makeup are stupid or losers. Let me explain why.

    Men that say: make up is false advertising! "Take her swimming on the first date" etc
    Are fucking retarded. Why? Because they basically are saying they can't see the difference between a natural look and someone wearing blush or eyeshadow. Seriously? You thought my face fucking looks flawless and glowy all the time and my lashes are jet black? That's fucking dumb, most women can see that. Let's say they can see the difference, then how is it false advertising? You KNOW she has make up on and is bound to look different when she takes it off. So what's the problem there?

    Most men that complain about women doing whatever the fuck they want to their own face are online, and don't say this shit irl. They wouldn't dare, because they know no one likes bs like that.

    Or they're insecure. Because why would you talk someone down when you feel great about yourself? These men know they can't date beautiful people because they are not themselves. (Meaning inner and outer beauty). So they act like THEY don't want to date them, while in reality, they know that those women probably have zero interest in them.

    Women do not wear make up to please men. I do not wake up in the fucking morning thinking "oh, let me highlight my cheekbones so this boy will like me." No. If someone doesn't like you because you look a certain way, you're not supposed to chase them. You won't be good together.

    I wear make up because I fucking want to. Because I enjoy the me-time in the morning. Because I think it looks fucking pretty.

    Most guys that date these fucking amazing women that wear make up (not saying those who don't aren't equally amazing) realise women wear make up because they like it. And that that won't change because some douchbags online say they don't think it's "pretty".

    Rant over.

    • Literally I dislike bold colored makeup 💄 <--- like that, because it's gross and I've dated the popular girls and girls who I'm attracted to... I literally seek out girls without lipstick because I would be disgusted with that shit over my mouth... a natural looking makeup that gives a shine? Awesome... eyeliner? Of course yes... but bold gross colors like black, green etc.. (unless it's a special occasion red which is well understood and respected) no fuck no you sit down

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    • @Daveyboy92488 + i'm guessing you'll be single forever or end with an amish girl that escaped or smth. Almost all women wear make up.

    • Make-up is for the meak and the foolish.

      Of course males who don't like make-up are losers. They refuse your Culture.

  • Lmao right? Guys are clueless when it comes to makeup unless they've specifically learned what the different products do. I've seen tons of guys point to girls who wear natural looking makeup, and be like "look at her she's a natural beauty". Uh yeah bro she's still wearing makeup lol. And if it's a picture they're pointing to; you really think it hasn't been filtered/photoshopped?
    For example, my boyfriend. He has literally said to me, when I was wearing my day-to-day makeup (foundation, mascara, filling in the eyebrows a little, highlighter) that I wear "too much" makeup. Even though what I wear constitutes as natural looking makeup. He said the same thing to me about a month later, when I was LITERALLY wearing no makeup at all. He's completely clueless. Can't even tell the difference between me wearing light makeup and no makeup.
    And yeah, lol @ the guys who claim girls look better without makeup, but then say shit like "didn't you get any sleep last night? Are you ok? You look sick/tired" to the ones who don't wear any.

    • Women shouldn't be arguing whether or not men can undertsand how much make up theyve applied. They should simply not be applying it and asking other women why they still are...

    • @Daveyboy92488 oooooorrrr women can do whatever the hell they want lol

  • I say this breaks down towards attitude than just the fact they say they love natural. It's very much true that men are simple-minded when it comes to this topic. That's very much is not a lie. But this, once again, has to do with the attitude of the woman/girl who wears the makeup. 9/10x the ones who wears the makeup doesn't give a crap about what others think of them, and this sense of 'confidence' is a turn on for a lot of men. I don't like makeup either. I only wear it because it's to make me look presentable otherwise people will assume your poor. Literally. But at the same time, at least of what you're describing in the scenario, are often hypocritical in nature as is. I suppose the standards just doesn't match up with the reality. And the reality could be for some of the men if not all claim they hate the fact she wears makeup but who's to say what he really thinks under the facade if he's still sticking around. And if he's sticking around because he still cares about her, then it's not up for us to judge. Makeup can either enhance or devalue one's physical appearance, that much is true. But inner beauty triumphs over all. But not everybody even has that nowadays either.

  • I think when men say this, we need to take them at their word. I do believe most of the men that I dated have said this to me, including my current boyfriend and I believe they were telling me the truth.

    However, that does not mean makeup is bad or is not appreciated either.

    Sometimes, makeup makes us feel better about our appearance so we feel more confident in ourselves and that makes us more attractive. And sometimes, makeup just makes a more attractive.

    I will never forget one man's reaction one time. I use to stop at a convenience store after work. Of course, I would be going in at the end of my day, with my makeup sunk into my face and basically all but gone. One night, I went in before I went out and the guy at the counter was stunned and just blurted, "Your eyes!". And I just smiled and said, "Makeup.". lol!

    So I do not necessarily agree that makeup does not make us a look better. I believe it can. But I also believe when men tell me they prefer me without makeup, they are telling me the truth.

    Makeup is a wonderful thing as long as it is done right. But is not necessarily the necessity that we think it is.

  • Not all women look good without make up and guys notice that. Im one of those cases. So we enhance ourselves for the unlucky ones a bit to get noticed at least a little. But wearing a lot of make up could backfire too as some ladies wear that much make up that look like clowns and they look ridiculous.

    • "Enhance yourself" lady be honest.. you are really just hoping some idiot doesn't see through the davinci on your face that you worked to create all hour this morning...

    • Im sure you have many ways you can show the world your beauty without tricking the world into thinking you are something you're not

    • @Daveyboy92488 What are you talking about

  • That's funny we all know in this generation guys love fake looking females with caked on makeup. If they say they don't , that's funny on facebook I see a bunch of girls with makeup on even ugly fake lashes with 100+ likes 😂 EW.

    • I don't. I know what you're talking about, but a guy with a decent head on his shoulders, would like the photo for her as opposed to "the makeup". Also, crazy people tend to voice their opinion more.

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    • Fake women will always be liked more than real ones... its because theybseek the likes , and dudes seek the hole between their legs.. its a fair fake trade off that will cycle forever

    • @Daveyboy92488 Good point to support 😎

  • What's the big deal about wearing makeup? I love wearing make up. some are getting too obsessed with what others do with their bodies. or faces. enough if you don't like me or other women wearing makeup so what. I will continue wearing makeup. don't like it? Too Damn bad

    • Good for you and all you fake looking females 😂

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    • Who ever made makeup is insecure themselves fake ass people these days 😂

    • Niceeeee , do you girl.. i will keep looking right past women like you every time you seek my attention in public with your make up on at 7 am Sunday morning...

  • I haven't met any guy that said that irl, but I do know they don't like it when it's overdone because all of my guy friends said so and they also make fun of women with bad makeup like this
    however they don't mind it when it looks natural or it's well applied
    ... of course not men are the same, but the ones I know don't mind makeup at all

    • The second photo is still not naturel beauty she's still wearing makeup 😂

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    • Oh and i just biticed that area above your nose, where all of those little bumps look like theyve been.. whats the word? Covered... yeah, that couldve been cleansed with a face wash and lotioned.. but no, you are breaking out because of your period right? couldnt possibly be your bad diet decisions or your neglect to wash your face...

    • @Daveyboy92488 i didn't say those were subtle touches and did you zoom in my profile picture? lol

  • There are definitely some men (especially on GaG) who have a tendency of discrediting attractive women by claiming that their attractiveness is exclusively reliant on makeup. These same men are the people who disregard the fact that bone structure, facial proportion, etc. are more important in determining your attractiveness than the lip gloss you're currently wearing. If you have completely disproportionate features, you won't look half as good with a ton of well-applied makeup as someone who has nice features and is wearing minimal makeup.

    Moreover, I find this new beauty standard absolutely absurd. It is no longer enough to be pretty; you must now be effortlessly pretty as well. If your eyelashes aren't naturally incredibly long and your skin perfectly clear and even, then you're lying to yourself by wearing any kind of product that'll help you achieve that result. It's ridiculous

    • Your "new beauty standard" is pushed by people that buy the magazines with kim kardashian on the front of them. This women is the epitome of too much make up, too much facial surgery, too much hype.. etc, but yet we still keep her on tv and in the check out aisle of every grocery store across america... if we keep it up at this rate, we won't know which women are still made without plastic and powder by 2020.

  • I don't wear make up and people still hit on me. They actually think I am younger then my age due to not wearing make up it's kinda funny.

    • Good for you. You naturally will look younger when you dont apply primer, standard coat, top coat, protective layer, and buff coat...<----yes some women treat there faces like painting a car

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