Guys/girls, dark hair or blonde?

Anyway I have a natural dark hair, with deep brown dark eyes, and olive skin. I'm not a blond since I'm half Caucasian half Asian. (I'm American, Chinese, Indonesian, German) lol. My height is about 5'6 and not so skinny, I'm curvy and weigh about 108. Thinking about a makeover that fits me just fine? Bleaching my hair? Wear contact lenses? What color? What about the makeup? What color for eyeshadow or lipstick?


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  • I don't think it's as nice when people wear colored contact lenses, I think it's more beautiful when they have their own color eyes :) And since you have dark hair, if you want to go lighter, only be a few shades and keep it in the brown tones, it'll be more flattering because your skin, eye color and skintone usually fit into the same tones (ex : people with red hair often have pink tones to their skin.)

    For makeup : Purples, pinks and bronze colors flatter brown eyes and make them pop. :) Apply a volumizing mascara, then a lenghtening mascara, that way you get the best lashes and the best of both formulas. Wear a purple, plum, green or gold eyeliner, it will bring out your eyes aswell. :) For blush, in the summer you generally want to aim for a coral shade, cream blush looks the most natural. And since you want to have lighter makeup during these months, opt for a tinted lipbalm or a lipgloss in a berry red color, but if you want to wear something less sheer, opt for a pink berry color. :) And also, if you wear foundation, look for a mineral powder or a tinted moisturizer and then use a concealer for imperfections, if you have any. This looks much more natural. :) I hope this helps, sorry it's so long :P


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  • Dark hair, green contacts, and for lipstick a light color. The rest I have no clue.

    • Thank you :). I'll try that.

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