How to flirt?

well I don't really want to flirt with him.

i think he likes my best friend but I'm not sure, he always hangs around her and compliments are and stuff.

he knows I like him. but he doesn't know how much I love him.

How do I bring it up?

and the thing is .. I'm taller than him... like I'm 5ft 4 and his like 5ft

i don't really care what people say but I think he does... I just really like him and I really want to tell him how much I do but I don't know how to :( His Name is Marcus Moune (I don't care if I said it out on the web)

Any suggestions?


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  • Act with him like he acts with her.


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  • There is a how to flirt video on this site. Watch it.

  • does he have an issue with your height, not as a friend but, more than that?


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